These 10 Money Podcasts Will Help You Save Tons

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These 10 Money Podcasts Will Help You Save Tons


Want to save money and become more financially literate without hitting the books? Podcasts are a great way to pass the time, and they serve to entertain and educate. You can find a podcast about almost anything, and best of all, they are free.

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Listen to podcasts while commuting to and from work or listen to one while taking a walk. I even enjoy listening to financial podcasts when I am cleaning or folding laundry. (See also: The 5 Best Money Podcasts)

1. Dave Ramsey Show

Even though I don't agree with all of Ramsey's money philosophies, he is one of my favorite personal finance gurus. The Dave Ramsey podcast is a mix of stories and interviews of individuals and couples who have conquered their debt, as well as personal finance advice from Ramsey. It is more of a talk-show type podcast than a financial monologue, which makes for an engaging listen.


2. Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life

Want to become financially smarter in the least amount of time possible? Then the Money Girl's podcast is the right fit for you. Most podcasts are around 15-18 minutes, which makes it easy to fit financial lessons in a busy schedule. Money Girl discusses a wide range of tips, from more serious issues such as protecting your money in a divorce to fun topics, such as choosing a wardrobe on a budget.

3. Chris Hogan's Retire Inspired

Hogan just started his Retire Inspired podcast in June 2016, but his book of the same name is a best-seller. His advice for retirement is not just for those close to retirement. Hogan talks to Millennials and those on the edge of retirement simultaneously. Listen to this podcast for retirement and saving and financial motivation, but don't expect in-depth strategies for investing or 401(k) advice.

4. Radical Personal Finance

If you feel like you have already heard it all when it comes to personal finance advice, then Radical Personal Finance is one podcast to listen to. Host Joshua J. Sheats tackles very interesting and off-the-wall finance topics that are just fascinating. Some notable show titles include, "Tips to Hitchhike Europe (or Anywhere) on $40 a Week" and "Investing in Rare Coins With Numismatic Value." Sheats also has podcasts on everyday finance topics too, including a recent show titled, "The Recovering Spender: How to Live a Happy, Fulfilled, Debt-Free Life."

5. The Clark Howard Podcast

Clark Howard is a household name when it comes to personal finance. His podcasts are all over an hour but are packed with financial news and advice on how to save money and avoid scams and being ripped off.


6. Listen Money Matters

Listen Money Matters (LMM) is a podcast for both those new to money management, as well as more seasoned investors. The podcast focuses on four main areas: budgeting, investing, getting out of debt, and growing your income. The practical advice spans from podcasts like, "How to Prioritize Your Financial Goals," which is useful to everyone, to "How to Calculate Your Rental Yield," which is important for those who want to profit in real estate.

7. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income is a must-listen for individuals interested in growing passive streams of income in their lives. Flynn also has a lot of influence, which means he has a lot of interesting guests and interviews on the show. He has interviewed Tim Ferris, Michael Hyatt, Chalene Johnson, and Ramit Sethi. It is a fun listen, even if passive income is not your first passion in life.

8. You Need a Budget Podcast

The creators of the You Need a Budget (YNAB) financial software have a weekly podcast that discusses debt, saving money, and getting out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle. Topics include reasons to pay cash for your next house and whether you should outsource your finances.

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9. The Investors Podcast

The tagline of The Investor Podcast is, "We study billionaires." If that doesn't grab your attention right away, I don't know what will. The podcast studies the habits and books billionaires read and breaks them down for listeners. The podcast also includes fascinating interviews, like the recent one with Mark Stevens, a friend and biographer of billionaire investor Carl Icahn.

10. Mad Fientist

Mad Fientist considers itself a financial independence podcast that covers early retirement, investing, real estate, and entrepreneurship. Unlike many of the other podcasts, this podcast is not just one voice/person giving financial advice. Instead, this podcast is all interviews of some of the top experts in personal finance, including Nick Loper, J. Money, and JD Roth.

Don't be overwhelmed by all of the amazing choices of podcasts. Subscribe to a handful of them, find out which ones are your favorite, and only listen to shows that are directed toward your unique situation.

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