RVs for a Dollar a Day

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RVs for a Dollar a Day

Who says a dollar doesn’t go far? You can rent an RV for as little as a buck a day – and even get free gas.

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Las Vegas may be famous for The Strip, but it’s also home to some sweet travel deals—if covering hundreds of miles in an RV is your thing. You can book a three- to five-day relocation RV trip for as little as $1 a day on Imoova.com, Apollorv.com and Jucyusa.com.

Relocations redistribute RVs to locations with the most demand. Among the most popular routes are Las Vegas to Denver, San Francisco or Los Angeles. You can also start in Los Angeles and head to the Bay Area or Seattle. The deals are usually posted about a month in advance on the websites and may come with other perks, such as an additional travel allowance or gas reimbursement. You’re typically allowed three to five travel days, depending on the route, and you will be charged 45 cents per extra mile if you decide to take any detours.

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