Great Holiday Money-Saving Advice From Around the Web

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Great Holiday Money-Saving Advice From Around the Web

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner -- as is Black Friday. So if you're planning a holiday meal -- or just planning to do some holiday shopping -- I gathered some tips to help you keep costs under control and to shop smart next weekend.

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Free Turkey: 12 Ways to Get One for Thanksgiving []
"For those who are looking for a way to get a free turkey this Thanksgiving, here are some of the options that may be out there for you."

How to Keep From Overspending This Holiday Season [Gen X Finance]
"While everyone else is trying to sort out their credit card debt, you’ll be sitting back in your recliner planning a spring vacation with the money you saved."


4 Tips for Cutting Back This Christmas [MoneyNing]
"Instead of filling the tree with gifts, we strive to fill the holiday season with memories."

Top 3 Credit Mistakes to Avoid While Holiday Shopping []
"While it’s kind of a holiday buzz kill to bring it up, there are some pretty significant mistakes you can make while shopping, if you’re not careful."

25 Tips for Smart (and Safe) Credit Card Use During the Holidays [Wise Bread]
Using a credit card for the holiday shopping season can be a savvy move, but you need to make sure you are truly being smart and safe with your card.

Paying for Holiday Gifts: The 9 Best and Worst Ways [Savvy Sugar]
"We've compiled a list of ways you could fund your holiday fun, from the best to the please-promise-us-you'll-never-do-this! worst."

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