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Great Holiday Advice From Around the Web

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Even if you're not a Scrooge, you might be saying "Bah, humbug!" to all the Christmas decorations popping up in stores already. After all, we just got through Halloween, and Thanksgiving is still weeks away. Surely it's not time to start thinking about Christmas yet, or is it?

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As Craig Ford points out on the Wise Bread blog, it's smart to take steps now to prepare for the holidays. "Take your current schedule and imagine adding Christmas shopping, Christmas parties, and holiday travel all at once," he writes. "I suspect you'll thank yourself come mid-December if you use the extra time you have now to get ready for Christmas." See his post, Get Ready for Christmas: 7 Things You Should Do Today, to get an early start and avoid the holiday rush.

And here's more holiday advice from around the Web:


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