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Great Financial Advice From Around the Web

A weekly look at personal finance tips and insights others are offering.

As the year draws to an end, it's a good time to review your financial situation. Examine your spending and saving habits and ask yourself whether you're on track to achieve your goals. You might find that you need to make some changes to improve your finances, or you might need to set new goals if your situation has changed over the past year. For advice on how to do this, I've rounded up tips from several personal finance bloggers. Here's what they have to say:

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21 Ways to Make a Big Financial Change [Wise Bread]
Making a big financial change in your life is similar to making any big change -- it can often be overwhelming to the point of derailing you entirely. Here are 21 ways to help you stay on course.

Overcoming Financial Procrastination []
"You can get around procrastination by making money management a habit."


The Last Budget You'll Ever Need [Money Under 30]
"Instead of tracking dozens of categories of spending, know how much you can spend per month -- your Spending Allowance -- after you’ve covered big expenses and savings."

Your Money Manifesto for Financial Success in the New Year [MoneyNing]
With another new year right around the corner, you can vow to make this one different -- and, along with that, finally succeed at your resolutions by shifting your money mindset.

Designing a Lucky Life [The Simple Dollar]
"Instead of looking at money and time as something you can purely take a chance with, look at each moment and each dollar as an opportunity maker."

5 Life Takeaways from the Great Recession (to Prepare you for the Next One) [20Somethingfinance]
If good fortune has found you again, good habits should not be forgotten.

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