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I don't like paying the full retail price for most things. That's because I know most products are marked up -- sometimes quite a bit. So I wait for things to go on sale, I shop at consignement stores and occasionally I even haggle to get a lower price. If you're of the same mindset and don't like paying a premium for products, check out this recent post on the blog: 20 Products With Giant Markups. You'll see which consumer goods are sold for a lot more than they cost to produce and ways to avoid the markup on these items.

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And here's a roundup of more great consumer-related advice from around the Web:

25 Things You Shouldn't Buy at the Grocery Store [Wise Bread]
"With some planning and the strength to avoid last-minute shopping for things you forgot, you can save money by buying these 25 things elsewhere."


10 Ways to Save at the Farmer's Market []
"If you’re not careful, you can end up spending a lot of money, but there are some simple tricks to help keep the costs down."

9 Ways to Save Money on Amazon [Savvy Sugar]
"To make the most of your Amazon shopping experience, follow these tips."

Surprise! Could Eco-Friendly Clothing Actually Be Cheaper? [LearnVest]
"Shoppers often buy from mainstream brands because they think that authentic socially responsible alternatives are more expensive."

Lifestyle Inflation -- What to Consider Before Telling Yourself Yes [Sweating the Big Stuff]
"While living below your means can feel restrictive, blowing your hard earned cash on things you don’t need can be just as painful. That’s why I’ve come up with five questions to ask yourself before making the upgrade."

The Giant Christmas List: Curbing Impulses [The Simple Dollar]
"I’ve learned that it’s far better to occasionally enjoy a splurge than it is to constantly splurge."

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