Green Grow the Savings

Saving Money

Green Grow the Savings

This year, Earth Day takes on new meaning. With energy prices soaring, your efforts to save the planet may also save you a pile of cash. Plus: An eco-friendly mutual fund and the outlook for renewable energy production.

Earth Day -- the annual campaign to promote taking care of the environment -- is on Saturday, April 22. This year, soaring gas prices and uncertainty about oil supplies concerns about global warming may already have you feeling environmentally conscious. You've probably been focusing on ways to cut back on the energy you use -- and on your growing energy bill.

Kiplinger has been a leader in providing strategies on how you can benefit financially from going green -- whether you're looking to increase the energy efficiency of your house, invest in an eco-friendly mutual fund, or determine whether you should buy that hybrid car you've had your eye on. Here's our best advice and coverage.

Save on Energy at Home
Plugging energy drains around the house can add up to big savings.

Tax Breaks for Energy-Efficient Equipment
Make energy-saving home improvements and quality for up to $500 in tax credits.


Keen on Green Investing
While you're in a green state of mind, take a look at Winslow Green Growth fund -- a top-performing small-cap fund that is also socially responsible.

Renewable Energy Production Gains Support
From Demand for solar, wind power and other nonpolluting renewable resources is soaring. And renewable energy industry is attracting the investors and market ingenuity it needs to come of age.

Special Report on Hybrid Cars
Sales of hybrids are ramping up. But not all models are created equal. Some may help save the planet but cost you more to own and operate.

Eco Building Hits the Mainstream
The movement toward green homes is spreading. The houses look normal but incorporate special energy-saving features. Plus: Find locally grown produce.