Easy Ways to Get Extra Cash in 30 Minutes or Less

Saving Money

Easy Ways to Get Extra Cash in 30 Minutes or Less

All you need is a half hour to put more money in your pocket.

Time is money. You know the expression. Turns out it’s actually true. Here are three easy ways to turn 30 minutes of your time into cold, hard cash.

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Cash in loose change

Got loose change? Take it to a Coinstar kiosk. There’s a fee if you want cash back, but gift cards are fee-free. (Find nearby kiosks on Coinstar.com; fees vary, but 10.9% is typical.)

Most banks have done away with coin machines. One exception is BB&T. Customers can cash in up to $25 in change without a fee.

Redeem rewards points

Credit card rewards points can pile up fast. They can also expire. Redeem your points for cash before they do. Most card issuers will cut you a check for the value of your points. Or, opt for a statement credit or a gift card.


Sell unwanted gift cards

Speaking of gift cards, convert your unused gift cards into cash by selling them online. Go to GiftCardGranny.com to find out how much buyers are willing to pay. The more popular the gift card, the better the offer.

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