Best Places to Stash Your Cash

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Best Places to Stash Your Cash

These banks provide higher yields and convenience.

What to do with all those Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings? Consider a high-yield savings account.

Our favorite is the high-yield savings account at Ally Bank, formerly GMAC Financial Services, which yields about 1.6%. No, you won't get rich off that rate, but it's better than what you'd get at most brick-and-mortar banks. Plus, the account has no monthly fees and no minimum balance.

For checking accounts, we like Charles Schwab Bank's high-yield investor checking account. You must have a Schwab One brokerage account to get this checking account. For more information about this account and the one at Ally Bank, see our 2009 Best List. To find other high-yield accounts, see How to Find the Best Savings Rate.

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