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Best Bank Accounts for Retirement

These checking accounts offer attractive perks to retirees.

Banks like retirees for one very big reason: They tend to keep a fair amount of cash on deposit. That’s why banks often offer special accounts or perks for older customers. Here are our two favorite bank accounts for retirees.

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Favorite bank account for retirees: U.S. Bank Premium Checking Account

What we like most:

  • monthly checking fee waived if you’re 65+
  • 50% off safe-deposit box
  • free checks and paper statements
  • no ATM fees charged by U.S. Bank
  • no charge for money orders or cashier’s checks

Runner-up: Fidelity Cash Management Account

What we like most:

  • no monthly fee
  • no minimum balance requirement
  • 0.07% interest rate
  • free checks and paper statements
  • reimbursement of all ATM fees

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