Should I Buy an Immediate Annuity for Retirement Income or Tap Savings?


Should I Buy an Immediate Annuity for Retirement Income or Tap Savings?

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Choose an immediate annuity if you’re worried about outliving your savings. You’ll be able to generate nearly twice the amount of monthly income you could safely afford to withdraw from a similar amount invested in a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds. For a 65-year-old man buying an annuity today, that’s about $7,600 per year for every $100,000 invested. But don’t tie up all your cash. Once you buy an annuity, you can’t get your money back, and if the annuity is not adjusted for inflation (most aren’t), you’ll lose buying power over time.

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Tap your portfolio for income if you’re confident in your investing abilities or you have a trusted money manager. Try to hold your first-year withdrawals to 4% of your total nest egg. Then, if your investments continue to grow, you should be able to give yourself a raise each year to offset inflation and perhaps have money left over for your heirs.