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A Free Source of DIY Instruction

Before calling a professional, try making minor repairs on your own with the help of YouTube.

My husband saved us $60 yesterday by fixing something on his own rather than hiring a professional.

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The drain in one of our bathtubs had been clogged for a while. My husband had attempted in the past to remove the old-school drain stopper to unclog it but wasn't able to get it off. When I threatened to call a plumber (whose base rate is $60), he asked for one more chance. This time he succeeded.

What did he do differently? He used the Internet. A search for "how to remove a lift-and-turn bathtub stopper" turned up a YouTube video that walked him through the process.

This isn't the first time he's saved us money by using YouTube videos to guide him through home maintenance and improvement projects. In fact, he rebuilt a bathroom with the help of YouTube.


Experienced do-it-yourselfers are well aware of this source. But those of you who rarely -- or never -- tackle home-maintenance projects for fear of botching them should consider getting some pointers from an instructional YouTube video the next time something minor needs fixing. You'll probably discover that the task isn't as hard as it seems, and you'll save yourself some money.

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