Advice for Beginning Investors From Around the Web

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Advice for Beginning Investors From Around the Web

Tips from personal finance bloggers about why you should invest and how to get started.

With tax season underway, refunds already are being sent to taxpayers' mailboxes or deposited into their bank accounts. So far, the average refund is a hefty $3,317, according to the IRS. There's a lot you can do with that much money. One smart use of the cash is to invest at least some of it. If you're new to the world of stocks and mutual funds our How to Start Investing guide can point you in the direction. Plus, I've rounded up advice from personal finance bloggers about why you should invest and how to begin.

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How to Balance Building Wealth With Living a Fulfilled Life [Investor Junkie]
"If a growing investment portfolio does nothing else, it should create more options in your life. It should give you breathing room to do the things you really want to do in your life by providing a level of flexibility that may not have existed during leaner times."

How to Begin Investing with $50 a Month [Money Crush]
"It’s no wonder we sometimes think we have to be an expert or have a lot of money in order to begin investing. But that couldn’t be further from the truth."

Scared to Invest? Income Investing Offers a Lower Risk Approach [Money Under 30]
"An investment isn’t insured like a savings account; you stand the possibility of losing money. But investing doesn’t always have to be the aggressive, risk-loving gamble that’s depicted in stories about Wall Street."


Why Investing Women Rock and You Can Too [PT Money]
"Investing women rock because they combine the knowledge of a researcher, the strategic thinking of a great military commander and the determination, and the patience of a hunter. They nourish and grow their portfolios with the evolutionary skills that have served them for an age."

What Your Car Says About Your Investing Style And Money-Making Acumen [Financial Samurai]
"You can summarize the entire universe of investing and transportation goals as 'getting from point A to point B'.... Hopefully that means everyone makes it to the same place without crashing or breaking down…even if the individual journeys differ wildly."

Are You Investing or Betting? [Five Cent Nickel]
"With each passing year, I appreciate that distinction more and more because I’ve seen people put their money at undue risk when they mistake a bet for an investment."