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Mutual Funds

For One Seasoned Pro, It's Good Riddance to 2011

Brian Rogers, manager of T. Rowe Price Equity Income, says 2011 was “absolutely miserable.” Truth be told, the past year was hardly a disaster for the fund, but the result was ho-hum for Rogers, who has produced a respectable 15-year return at Equity Income of 6.1% annualized. He blames the market’s wacky reaction to problems in Europe and Washington, D.C., not the fund’s size—$21 billion at last report—or the demands of his role as chairman of T. Rowe Price. Meanwhile, he continues to look for large, high-quality, dividend-paying companies with growth potential. “Past performance is no predictor,” says Rogers. “That holds as much when one is down as when one is up.”

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