Land Nice Yields


Land Nice Yields

These international closed-end funds can give your income a boost.

Investors often don't look overseas for income, and fewer consider closed-end funds. But the combination of the two can yield some surprising, well, yields. And these investments should also appreciate in price, giving them a powerful one-two punch.


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Two globe-trotting closed-ends with good yields and strong performance are Cohen & Steers Worldwide Realty Income (symbol RWF) and Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend (AGD).

The Cohen & Steers fund invests in office buildings, shopping centers and apartments. It pays 12 cents a month in dividends. On a recent share price of $25, that's an annual yield of nearly 6%. Alpine's fund pays 17 cents monthly for a 9% yield on $23 a share. It owns industrial, financial and energy stocks.

Unlike a traditional fund, a closed-end fund can sell for more or less than the value of its assets. Closed-ends that trade at a discount are preferred because you get the assets at a bargain price. If the gap closes, the shares appreciate. In the case of these funds, the assets and the share price hardly vary.

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