How Will U.S. Tariffs Hit Your Stocks?


How Will U.S. Tariffs Hit Your Stocks?

These companies stand to lose most should the U.S. get into a full-blown trade war

Threats of tariffs between the United States and China - as well as other countries across the globe - have resurfaced lately, sending the markets into increased uncertainty. That's because new taxes levied on everything from steel to chipmakers to even bourbon and jeans stands to hit consumers in their wallets, and American companies in their bottom lines. That in turn means investors will need to keep their eyes on stocks from Apple (AAPL) to General Motors (GM). Senior Investing Editor Kyle Woodley recently sat down with "Breakfast for Business" on Money Radio 1510 to discuss the ramifications of renewed trade bluster with China. Check out the audio clip below to learn more about where America and China stand, and which companies to monitor.

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