Where to Find a Good Solo Health Savings Account

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How to Find a Good Health Savings Account

Consider a solo HSA if you don't have an employer-provided option.


I’m switching to a high-deductible health insurance policy next year, but my employer doesn’t offer a health savings account. Where can I open an HSA? --J.K., via e-mail

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Since your employer doesn’t offer an HSA, consider HealthSavings Administrators. Contributions to an HSA in 2016 are limited to $3,350, or $6,750 if you have family coverage (plus an extra $1,000 if you’re 55 or older). But if you pay medical bills with other cash, you can keep the money growing for the long term, with 22 Vanguard funds to choose from with no investing minimum. You’ll pay an administrative fee of $45 per year and a small quarterly custodial fee. Check out www.hsasearch.com for other options. Several banks and brokerages offer HSAs.

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