Improve Your Financial Literacy

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Improve Your Financial Literacy

It's Financial Literacy Month -- time to boost your knowledge of money management.

April is Financial Literacy Month. So ask yourself how financially literate you -- or your children -- are. Do you know how to craft a budget and stick to it? Do you understand the basics of credit and debt? Are you saving enough for retirement -- or your child's college education? When filling out your tax return, are you taking advantage of every deduction you deserve? Do you know how to protect your portfolio from volatility in the markets?

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If you don't know the answers to these questions, we can help. Even if you feel that you have a good grasp on the basics of personal finance, you always can benefit from a refresher course or two.

Start by taking these two quizzes to find out how much you know:

The Personal Finance Quiz
Find out how much you really know about taxes, saving, investing, managing credit and other vital matters of your personal finance.


Financial Truth or Bunk?
These 12 money rules of thumb are often touted as gospel truth. Do they point you in the right direction -- or lead you astray?

Then check out these Kiplinger classics:

KNIGHT KIPLINGER: 8 Keys to Financial Security
Pay yourself first. Protect your loved ones. Borrow sparingly. And don't go for the home run.

FROM THE EDITOR: The Top 10 Ways to Save Money
Janet Bodnar shares her most practical and effective strategies for spending less and keeping more cash in your pocket.

Do This or That?
We tackle tough financial questions and give you answers to fit your needs.


If you need to learn more about specific areas of personal finance, here's help:

For advice on how to save and make more money, see our 50 Top Money-Saving Tips.

Improve your knowledge of credit cards and debt management with our Truth About Credit and Debt quiz.

To learn more about building a nest egg, see New Strategies to Ease Into Retirement.


To boost your understanding of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, see our SPECIAL REPORT: Be a Better Investor.

If you need more personalized advice, participate in our weekly live chats. Kiplinger's team of experts answer questions on a variety of topics. See the topics for upcoming chats and read the transcripts of past chats at

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