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Credit Cards

Best Cards for the Way You Spend

Here are seven of our favorite credit cards, from super low-rate cards to those that apply rewards toward your mortgage and investment accounts.

Bank of America Upromise World MasterCard
Deposits a 1% rebate in your Upromise account. Earn up to 10% on eligible grocery, drugstore, gas and restaurant spending.


New Rules of Credit Cards

Help for Borrowers in Trouble

QUIZ: The Truth About Credit and Debt

BP Visa
Earn a 5% gas rebate, 2% for travel and dining, and 1% on everything else (double rebates for the first 60 days).

Farm Bureau Bank Platinum MasterCard
If you qualify, your interest rate can be as low as 5.24% for this no-fee card.

Fidelity Retirement Rewards American Express
Fidelity account holders earn a 2% rebate that can be deposited in any Fidelity IRA.

Schwab Bank Invest First Visa
Schwab account holders earn a 2% rebate that can be deposited in a Schwab IRA or brokerage account.

Simmons First Visa Platinum Travel Rewards
It takes 22,000 points (you earn 1 point per $1 spent) for a ticket anywhere in the 48 contiguous states.

Wells Fargo Home Rebate

For every $2,500 you charge, Wells Fargo applies 1% to the principal of your Wells Fargo mortgage.