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College Rankings

Best College Values Matchup: University of Georgia vs. University of Alabama

Alumni and fans will be championing their schools in advance of this weekend's college football showdown. But how do the universities stack up where it really matters?


On Saturday, October 3, the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama college football teams will square off in an SEC rivalry game. Which university has the best football program will be determined on the field. But which university is best at developing students at a reasonable cost? The winner: Georgia, which outscores Alabama in Kiplinger's annual Best College Values rankings due to a better student-faculty ratio, better freshman-retention and four-year graduation rates, and financial-aid programs that lessen the burden of student debt on graduates. Take a look:

University of Alabama University of Georgia
Kiplinger's Best College Values Rank 182 96
Student-Faculty Ratio 21:1 17:1
Admission Rate 57% 55%
Freshman Retention Rate 87% 94%
4-Year Graduation Rate 43% 58%
Total Annual Cost (out-of-state) $33,906 $39,902
Total Cost After Need-Based Aid (out-of-state) $25,354 $30,238
Avg. Debt at Graduation $28,508 $20,254