How to Turn In a Leased Vehicle Early

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How to Turn In a Leased Vehicle Early

There a companies that can help you transfer a lease to someone else.

Getting out of a lease early can cost a bundle. Leasing companies typically demand termination fees of $300 to $500, plus a few months’ worth of payments.

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The easiest way out is a lease transfer. Companies such as SwapALease and LeaseTrader match people who want to get out of their leases with folks who want to get into a short-term lease. You can list your ride for $60 to $175, depending on the type of advertisement; in some cases, you’ll pay a transfer fee of about $150 once you find a taker. (Some lease companies charge a separate fee.) The swap company handles the paperwork, after which the new lessee takes over end-of-lease obligations.

If the market price of your vehicle is higher than the buyout figure your lease company gives you, you could purchase the car and sell it for a profit. Tarry Shebesta, president of, says that with the short supply of used cars, you could come out ahead, especially late in your lease.

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