Free Advice for New Car Shoppers Today

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Free Advice for New Car Shoppers Today

Looking for a new ride? Find out which new car models top our annual rankings in our live discussion.

For the last four months, I've been managing to get around without a car. The Kia Spectra that my grandparents bought for me as a college graduation gift nine years ago has finally started to give me trouble -- the expensive kind -- after practically no major mechanical issues all these years. The biggest problem is the transmission, which needs to be replaced. It doesn't make sense to spend $3,000 on an old car, and I'm not eager to pay a new car note every month, so I've decided to rely solely on public transportation in the short term.

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I'll admit, it's not as bad as I thought it would be, although getting around on the weekends can be tough since the trains and buses don't run as frequently. In instances where I really do need my own set of (temporary) wheels, I'm registered for the ZipCar car-sharing program and can easily get them. While I'm not sure how long this no-car thing will last, I do know that I don't miss having to pay $45 to fill up at the pump every week-and-a-half, nor do I miss driving around for 30 minutes looking for street parking or having to use an expensive parking garage.

But when I am ready for a new car, I know these two things will happen: I'll check out what Kia has to offer first, as well as any other makes and models that can replicate the nine-year run I had with my Spectra without any big repair issues. I will also consult our handy Best New Car Values special report to see which models are the safest and will give me the most bang for my buck.


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