Will Women Come Through for Hillary?

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Will Women Come Through for Hillary?

If Hillary Clinton is able to blunt Barack Obama's momentum by winning Texas and Ohio on Tuesday, it'll be because women have once again rallied to her cause. And they just might do that...



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Listen closely to Democratic women, especially those who lived through the 60s and 70s, and you can't miss a tone of deep resentment. They don't blame all of Hillary's travails on sexism, but they sure think that's part of it. And they're furious that men can't see it. Ask them for specifics and they point to comments about her "cackling" laugh, criticism that her voice "grates" and all those unnecessary TV shots of her from the rear. They don't think Obama is subjected to the same unflattering treatment, and that, they say, is one of the subtle ways that sexism hurts women.


If I had to guess, I'd say that "sympathy" type of vote won't be enough to give Clinton the big wins she needs Tuesday to avoid what will be enormous pressure to get out of the race so Democrats can begin the work of healing and uniting. But I wouldn't rule it out either. And if Obama does win, the resentment that will linger is something he'll need to deal with.