Huckabee Crosses the Line

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Huckabee Crosses the Line

In the rush to defend Sarah Palin and condemn the press for sexism, former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has let loose with both barrels.  His overkill is offensive and untrue.

Huckabee launched into still another attack on the media, a staple of the Republican convention, as Jon Frandsen notes elsewhere on this page. But Huckabee didn't stop with criticism of the press.

In an interview with NBC and National Journal he had to add his own sexism by throwing in Chelsea Clinton's name. He was trying to make the point that the media was being tougher on the Republicans than it has been on the Democrats when he said, "They never did this to Chelsea Clinton."

Leave aside the fact that the press isn't attacking Palin's daughter  -- the questions are to her mother and to the man who picked the governor as his running mate, John McCain. Most have to do with experience and policy and her boasts that she has been a successful mom and governor.  And leave aside the fact that Chelsea didn't get pregnant at age 17 or any other unmarried age (and if she had, the Clintons would have been pilloried for it.).  


What's galling is that while the press may not have "done this to Chelsea," John McCain did. Chelsea was the butt of a now infamous joke McCain told in public that is too crude -- and way too sexist -- to repeat here. McCain ultimately apologized for the off-color remark to the Clintons, who were in the White House at the time. Enough said.