Florida May Not Go Quietly...Again

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Florida May Not Go Quietly...Again

The Florida Democratic primary-- OK, "beauty contest" with no delegates awarded -- is over right? No.

In a tight delegate hunt on the Democratic side, which looks certain, the Florida issue could become truly thorny. State Democratic party officials and many voters are infuriated that the national party will not seat its 210 delegates because the state party broke the rule and leapfrogged other states on the primary calendar. Clinton handily won the outlaw primary over Obama.

If the number 210 becomes critical to Clinton winning the nomination, there will be a nasty brawl at the convention in Denver. Florida Democrats are already lobbying other states, asking them to pressure the national committee to seat Florida's delegates. And the national party is quietly assembling a special committee to listen to appeals if need be this summer. But Florida Democrats say the people being tapped to sit on the committee already favor the national party over state parties and may rule against Florida having its delegates count.

The decision, either way, will put Florida's often bizarre and curious election history back in the spotlight again. Here's a thought. Maybe the national party could tap Al Gore to chair the Florida appeals panel.