Democrats Ready Attacks on McCain's "Flip Flops"

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Democrats Ready Attacks on McCain's "Flip Flops"

Democrats are about to put some chinks in the Arizona senator's "straight-talk" suit-of-armor. Look for shots of flip-flopping to blaze from Democratic guns in an effort to call into question his commitment on big issues...



One area is tax cuts. He strongly supports making the Bush tax cuts permanent even though he orginally opposed them, arguing they were too tilted to the wealthy and would sap the budget surplus. (Not far off from what Democratic opponents to the same tax cuts said).


Another issue is ethanol. For years, McCain railed against ethanol subsidies. "If ever there was a prime example of corporate pork, the unnecessary, inequitable ethanol subsidy program is it," McCain said in a Senate floor speech in 1998, adding that the program "has never lived up to the claims of any of its diverse proponents."  McCain now calls himself a strong supporter of the ethanol industry and the federal commitment to it. That switch came before the caucuses in Iowa, a huge ethanol producer.

And what about other pork. Look for some barbed shots that while McCain styles himself as the champion against pork barrel spending, he rarely actually held up legislation with special earmarks, even though he could have. Usually, he just gave a floor speech lamenting the level of pork in a bill, then let it pass. "What sort of commitment is that?" Democrats will ask.

This is the type of stuff we'll see soon.