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Over 50? These 9 Sites Can Get You Started on a New Career

Thought you were done with work only to discover you're bored? Are you still working but ready to quit the job you've got? Then get another one. A new AARP study, released May 2009, reveals that 91% of workers over 50 who changed careers report high job satisfaction. Statistically, that's off the charts!

What's it like to LOVE what you do? These readers we profiled share how they found their dream jobs and describe life with an encore career. See what you're missing.

When it comes to choosing a second act seek what's fun, engaging and rewarding. You'll not only be making money, but enriching your life. And we've got nine web sites to get you started.

An executive search firm for the nonprofit sector.
A job site for senior executives with an international focus. a non-profit that has a free career finder and networking section.

Links to jobs as well as volunteer opportunities at charities and nonprofit organizations.
Job listings in multiple categories for workers who are 50-plus.
Search for hourly jobs by zip code.
Connects people age 55 and older with community-service projects.

Job-hunting tips and job postings for workers who are older than 50.
A network of retired and veteran scientists and engineers who work for clients on a project basis.


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