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Kip Tips

Job-Search Survival Kit

An attorney friend told me recently that her attempt to hire a new receptionist had been frustrating. Because of the recession, she expected to receive several qualified applicants but the résumés that had trickled in had been disappointing. She laughed as she recalled one candidate who filled two pages with previous jobs and explanations for why she left each, including "employer wouldn't give me enough time off" and "it was a misunderstanding." My friend said, "I wonder who ever taught her to do a résumé like that."

That job candidate may be beyond help. But if you're looking for work and need tips on creating a stellar resume and acing an interview, we can help you. Check out the stories and video below:

  • Land a Goverment Job Now Most of the new jobs being created by the President's economic-stimulus package are outside the Washington, D.C., area. Here's how to benefit, no matter where you live.