Great Career Advice From Around the Web

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Great Career Advice From Around the Web

A look at tips from a few of our favorite personal finance bloggers on how to find a job, start a side gig and improve your current work situation.

The employment outlook this year is somewhat promising. Kiplinger's expects job growth in all 50 states. However, some areas will see bigger gains than others. Check out our slide show to discover which states will have the biggest rates of job growth in 2013. And peruse the career advice below from personal finance bloggers to help you get hired or improve your current work situation.

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Having a Tough Time Getting an Interview? Try this Simple Strategy [20Somethingfinance]
"A confident (not desperate), enthusiastic, person who wants to stop by to say hello? There’s a connection there. Unless you were grossly unqualified, why wouldn’t an interviewer roll the dice and give you a shot?"

Weird Job Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them) [Wise Bread]
"Many of the toughest interview questions don’t necessarily have right and wrong answers. What an interviewer is really trying to do is put candidates in the hot seat to find out kind of people they are, how they behave under pressure, and how they make decisions."


The Biggest Barrier to Making Extra Money: It’s Not What You Think [Money Crush]
"Most of the time you can’t start a money-making side business in just 15 minutes. But you can take the first step, and then the next one in the next bit of time, and so on until you get it done enough to start bringing in some cash."

How to Use Your Social Media Skills to Make Extra Cash []
"While it never hurts to cut back on expenses, the best way to save money for your dream trip or pay off student loans is by bringing in more cash. And if you’re social-savvy, you’ve got skills that can help you do that."

How to Effectively Tweet Your Way to a New Gig [Careful Cents]
"Job seekers and recruiters alike are turning to this social network to find leads and make connections."

Will Working Harder Really Help You Get Ahead? [MoneyNing]
"While hard work is indeed something admirable, and while hard work can result in more opportunities, the reality is that sometimes hard work just isn’t enough."

Ways to De-Stress During the Workday [PopSugar]
"It's natural for work to leave you a little stressed, but if you're a frazzled mess from nine to five, it's important to step back and relax."

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