Take Control of Your Career


Take Control of Your Career

Whether you're just entering the workforce or have been employed for years, you'll benefit from these tips on finding a job, building your career, boosting your earnings and taking time off from the daily grind.

Good news job seekers: The unemployment rate is at its lowest level in almost five years, and businesses still are adding employees to their payrolls at a steady pace. So if you're graduating this spring, thinking about a career change, or just looking for a summer job, your chances of landing the position you want might be pretty good.

But to get the job you want -- or succeed in your current career -- you've got to shine in the eyes of employers. Our stories and tools can help you put your best foot forward when applying for work or trying to move up the corporate ladder. Plus, we've got tips on boosting your earnings, finding your dream job and taking a break from the daily grind.

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Finding a job

Ten Job Hunting Myths
No matter how promising the job market may look, the perfect opportunity probably won't fall in your lap. Search smart by avoiding these common misconceptions.

Beyond Burgers
How teens can find summer jobs worth putting on a reacute;sumeacute;.


Does Your Reacute;sumeacute; Tell the Truth?
It may seem easy to lie on your reacute;sumeacute; in an age where former employers rarely give character references for fear of labor lawsuits. But honesty is the best policy.

Building a successful career

Moving on up
You've been at your entry-level job for a while and you're ready to trade up to more responsibility -- and better pay. Should you hold out for an opportunity with your current employer or hunt for a new job on the outside? Either way, it's crucial to manage your search well while you're on the job. Plus, five tips for negotiating a raise.

Career Advice: Just Do It
Don't let procrastination kill your career. Any task gets easier once you're under way. Before long, you'll be surprised at how far you've come.

Seven Career Killers
You worked hard to get the education, the skills and now the job. Don't let these mistakes sabotage your climb up the career ladder.


Boosting your earnings

The Art of the Raise
Nothing helps your bargaining position like a job offer or expression of interest from another firm.

Give Yourself a Raise
Whether you've been on the job ten days or ten years, here are five ways to get more out of your paycheck and boost your effective income right now -- without having to beg your boss for a raise.

Following your dreams

Find Your Dream Job
If the job you're in is not the job you dream of, it's time to make a change. See how these six people turned their castles in the air into money-making ventures.

Meet Our Winners
Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine and Dream In You is going to make a dream (job) come true for these people. Find out what made our Dream Job contest finalists stand out among more than 3,500 entries.


Are You Ready to Change Careers?
Answer 20 questions to determine if you're ready to jump ship, and what your next steps should be.

Taking time off

A Pause That Refreshes
Sabbaticals are not just for college professors. You too can take a well-deserved break. Just use your imagination and plan ahead.


Which Job is Better for You?
How Does Your Salary Compare?
Can One of You Afford to Quit?