How to Find a New Job


How to Find a New Job

Follow these tips if you're thinking about finding a new position or switching careers.

If you're looking for a new job, you are not alone. Surprisingly three-fourths of employees in America are job hunting, according to a poll by the Society for Human Resource Management and The Wall Street Journal's

Top on the list of reasons for seeking a new position is better pay followed by a better career opportunity elsewhere, according to the poll. And nearly a quarter of those surveyed are looking for a new job because they are dissatisfied with their current one. Regardless of your reason for wanting to leave your current employer, you need a plan for a successful exodus. The stories and tools below will help you get your résumé ready, sharpen your interviewing skills and pinpoint what job is right for you.

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If you're tired of working for someone else, we have advice to help you become your own boss. We even have startegies to help you earn more at your current job. And if you're not sure what career path to take or are considering switching careers, check out the stories below about whether going back to school is the right move.

Find a new job


Polish Your Résumé
You need to be prepared if you see an ad for the job of your dreams. Follow these steps to create a stellar résumé.

What Not to Say at a Job Interview
The last thing you want to do is leave the wrong impression when trying to land a new position. Avoid these 12 gaffes that could cost you a job.

Which Job Is Better for Me?
Don't like your current line of employment? Find out which career suits you best.

Top Ten Hottest Jobs
Undecided about your career path? Consider a job in one of these fastest-growing fields. Not only are they in high demand, but they pay well, too.


Should You Work for Uncle Sam?
Don't overlook the nation's biggest employer in your job search. The pay may be more competitive than you think, and Uncle Sam offers security and benefits that are hard to come by elsewhere. Find out if you're cut out for public service.

Be your own boss

Six Steps to Starting Your Own Business
Young entrepreneurs have to work hard to overcome inexperience and gain credibility. Follow these tips to increase your odds of success when starting out and starting up.

Earn more at the same job


Moving up From Your Entry-Level Job
You've been at your entry-level job for a while and you're ready to trade up to more responsibility -- and better pay. Should you hold out for an opportunity with your current employer or hunt for a new job on the outside? Either way, it's crucial to manage your search well while you're on the job.

How Does My Salary Compare
Use our tool to find out the average salary for various jobs throughout the country. Then you will know what you're worth when you head to the negotiating table.

Five Steps to Negotiating a Raise
Forget about brown nosing and sucking up. When it comes to asking your boss for more money, all you need is good timing and the right preparation.

The Art of the Raise
Nothing helps your bargaining position like a job offer or expression of interest from another firm.


Go back to school

Should You Go to Grad School?
An advanced degree could be your ticket to a better-paying position, faster advancement, or a new career entirely. But are the costs and rigors of grad school really worth it?

What You Need to Know About E-Learning
Evaluate your career and education goals. Are online courses and degree programs a good fit for you?